Sunday, August 23, 2009

Plans for a New School Year

Our School Year 2009-2010 Fall Term
Our "official" school year has begun. I thought would share our plans for this first term. I've included links so you can click on the items for easy access. Of course there are downloads and smaller less frequent supplements that I'll be adding in as fillers, but this is the main outline that I'm working from. I am actually schooling year round so some of this term's activities were already completed in the summer months. For example, Chloe is way ahead on math. She's completed all of this term's math requirements over the summer. I'm holding her off for a while so she doesn't get too far ahead. I hope that this is helpful to someone. The total cost of this term (if you use Internet links and not the hard copy versions) is approx. $49 (plus the $35 for Apologia which I'll use all year). Not too bad!

LA Term 1
Understood Betsy
Tales From Shakespeare
Pilgrim's Progress
Parables from Nature
Poetry of Walter De La Mare
Tons of independent free reading too

History Term 1
An Island Story- Ch. 22-32
This Country of Ours- Ch.1
You Are There! Charlemagne
Famous Men of the Middle Ages

Math Term 1
Mammoth Math 2A

Science Term 1
Apologia Flying Creatures of . . ./ Apologia book extras
The Burgess Bird Book for Children/ online extentions *
Bird Children (Poems)
Creation Illustrated Magazine
The Handbook of Nature Study
The Outdoor Hour

Geography Term 1
William Carey biography
Amy Carmichael biography
Map of U.S. (choose 3 states)

Art&Music Term 1
My Name Is . . .Leonardo da Vinci by Antonio Tello and Johanna A. Boccardio
Russian Nationalists
Nicolai Rimsky-Korsavo- Scheherazade
- Symphony 2 Antar
- Cappricco Espangnol
Alexander Borodin- Polovtsian Dances
Modest Mussorgsky-Pictures at an exhibition
- Night on Bald Mountain

* I'll be posting a ton about the literature side of our study on birds in a future post. Keep your eyes out for it.

Happy Learning!

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  1. oh wow! next year i'll be homeschooling a second grader and a kindergartner! i will be looking at your selections a little more carefully for ideas!


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