Saturday, August 1, 2009

Lovely Blogs

I received an award today!

Isn't it pretty?
This award was given to me by SmartPumpkinsMom. Be sure to swing by her blog and say "hi".

As part of receiving this award I had to claim it, post about it, pass it on to 15 other great blogs and let them know about their award (I'm still working on this part) so they can do the same. If you are one of my fifteen here to claim your award-- those are the instructions you will need to follow as well.

I had so much fun surfing tons of blogs and I found 15 blogs that I'm happy to give my award to:

2. Life is Not a Cereal- check out her lesson plans category and look at her ideas for Caps for Sale and her free 36 week art curriculum post!

3. Higher Up and Further In -Check out her literature section. There are some incredible posts here!

4. The Snail's Trail - Great Literature section and I love her Living Math ideas.

7. Teaching My Little Bookworm - she already has this award I know, but I really agree that she deserved it!

8. Storytime and more- I LOVE her blog template! Also, be sure to check out her literature based posts.

9. Small Things -check out her good reads for kids category

10. CM With A Twist - This looks like a brand new blog. There isn't a lot there yet, but I like her concept and wanted to encourage her.


  1. Thank you for the honor, Heather!

  2. I am humbled. Thank you so much!

  3. Hi Heather-Thank you so much for the award. I am trying to work on my post of 15 sites this week.

    Jemma (formerly Jenny) at Life is Not a Cereal

  4. Hi Heather, Finally got my thanks to you up today. Better late than never!!

    Thanks again, and don't be a stranger!!


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