Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Our Curriculum

Our homeschool curriculum and philosophy revolve around an eclectic mix of amazing literature and free or low cost items I can scrounge up.
I began our homeschooling adventure using Five in a Row. A lot of my approach was formed through using FIAR. I enjoy extending great literature through a CM unit study approach and I share a lot of my links and finds so you can save some time.
I am also highly influenced by Charlotte Mason's educational philosophy. We enjoy short lessons, great books as well as art and music study. I use a mixture of resources from Ambleside Online.
I am a homeschool forager and enjoy hunting up freebies and low cost resources of value. I'm picky though. I only grab what is beautiful and educationally rich, not just any freebie. Some of my favorite resources are The Baldwin Online Children's Literature Project, Homeschool Freebie of the Day, Currclick (very selective on freebies), and LibriVox (when I don't feel like reading aloud).
The links below will take you to resources I have used for specific terms this year. This year I am teaching Kindergarten, 2ND Grade, and keeping an eye on two little ones.
Here's what we're doing:
Term 1
Term 2

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