Tuesday, October 30, 2012

225 Books for $49.95~ Limited Offer

I'm being lazy and pasting in an email I just received. This is a fantastic deal on classic books. I missed it last year and jumped on it quickly this time. It only lasts until October 31st though. Don't miss it!

Last Day- October 31st!! Don't Miss it-
We probably won't offer this until next year!

Imagine having a floor-to-ceiling bookcase chock-full of books your children love to read, all in the palm of your hand, so it can travel with you wherever you go!
With the school year starting, do you wish you had additional great reading for your children to read or for the family to enjoy together? Take advantage of this great offer now! This is the best selection of books for this price!

I am a lover of books...that is no surprise! And although I've always liked the actual book, as opposed to digital versions, I must admit technology is humbling me. The truth is Kindle and E-Pub Readers (like iPad and others) are amazing and every homeschool mom has to have one (I'm hoping for one soon)!

Whereas before we couldn't take our favorite books everywhere, the amazing thing is we now can! Not to mention, this is specially great for those of us who are finding our house has lots and lots of books and only limited spaces to put them! Digital readers are great for children or adults, who need a larger font, because you can make the font any size you want. It is also great for travel and for children who like technology more than books- this is a great transition to paperbacks!

DON'T HAVE A KINDLE? Don't worry! A Free E-Pub Reader can be downloaded so you can read digital versions of books on your computer.

Thanks to my friend Lisa from Yesterday's Classics, we have an opportunity to purchase 225 of the best books printed between 1800 and early 1900's for less than 50 cents each!! These books come in digital form, which can be downloaded to your Kindle or E-Pub Reader. If you are not computer saavy, don't worry because our friend's at Yesterday's Classics will walk you through the details of the process.

Lisa has chosen the best books and put them in an easy to read format with wonderful illustrations (which you can't find in the free versions online), plus she's added a terrific table of contents that, when you click, takes you directly to the chapter you are looking for. BUT,  this offer is only good for Lifetime customers until Wednesday, OCTOBER 31st at Midnight.

You get books from all these genres:

World HistoryEarly Civilizations
Children of the WorldPoetry
NatureMiddle Ages
Ancient GreeceLegends
Ancient RomeRenaissance and Exploration
Fairy TalesAmerican History
BritainChristmas Stories

If you are using Ambleside Online, Heart of Dakota, Living Books Curriculum or Tapestry of Grace this package will save you money, because many of the books you need for these programs are included here. Basically, if you love good books this package is for you!

Here are a few of the titles included:




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