Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Open Doors

Hello friends,

I am continually amazed by all that God is doing in my home and my family. I love working with Noelle Mena of CWA managing The CWA Review Crew. I have also been asked to speak at a homeschool conference in Texas this July and I was asked today to speak to a writers group regarding social media and branding. I have also begun teaching art privately and locally. I have two students so far. God is opening so many doors.

I wanted to let you know about another project I'm tackling now which is light graphic design services. I can make blog headers, buttons, event banners, and FB Timeline Covers. My prices are super affordable. See here.

School has slowed down for the summer but we aren't about to stop. Math keeps marching on. Oh! I have to tell you how excited I was when I found a tangible soft copy version of Math Mammoth! I will never use any other math program. Nope, I'm not a spokesman, but I should be I love it that much. That's big for a person who hates math.

Chloe is whipping through books this summer. She is a fast reader too like her Daddy. She recently begged me to buy her The Little Princess which made me laugh. I read the book in 6th grade and cried finishing it because I hated it so much. The dialogue was torture for me trying to make out what they were trying to say in that broken English. She liked it and is nagging me to try it again as a grown up.

Caibry is muddling through. He is doing Speech and OT every week even through the summer. I also have him working steady on some math. He just did roman numerals and is making problems non stop and writing the characters in chalk on the sidewalk. He will be going with me to Texas when I speak and I'm looking forward to the mother/son time alone with him.

Nevie and Sadie are a hoot. They are going to be a riot come fall. Nevie can't learn anything fast enough. She loves school and begs for it. Sadie is always competing to try to answer every problem before her big sister. It's adorable.

That's life right now. I'll pop in again when I have some lesson ideas and book stuff to share.

Remember, if you are a Christian Woman you can get free books, products, and apps as a reviewer for CWA. You can apply here. We are currently offering a book by Amy Bayliss (among others).

Enjoy your summer!

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